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Whether you are an experienced trainer looking for a change of scenery or a young trainer ready to go out on your own, New Mexico has opportunities.

Northern New Mexico needs a good trainer interested in helping Non-Pro’s train and show their horses. I truly believe the clientele is here for both the weekend show horses and limited age event horses. Cattle are fairly easy to get around here: just let folks know you will feed them, and they are readily available! Whether you have enough money to buy a place, but just want to test the waters here first, or are just starting out and need some help to get up and running, I am very flexible on arrangements and will consider just about any option to make things work. Frankly I am not interested in hiring someone to work for me directly but can make things very attractive for a good trainer interested in moving to New Mexico. So, if you have any interest; read on and give me a call or drop me and e-mail.

Bob Phillips

Cuttings are regularly held in Moriarty, NM about 1 hour 20 minutes from the ranch, Amarillo 4 hours (they have 2 per month), Four Corners area of NM 4.5 hours, Colorado in Colorado Springs area 4 hours, Westcliffe 3.75 hours and Longmont 5.75 hours. It is 10.5 hours to Forth Worth (less if you drive fast) and 9 hours to Queen Creek AZ and the great winter cuttings they have there. Many cuttings in Oklahoma and Texas are less than 7-8 hours. Oklahoma City is 9 hours. After going to Ft Worth for the Summer Spectacular you will appreciate coming home to the 78 - 85 degree summer days with NO humidity. I think last year at my place we may have hit 90 once or twice.

The Climate here: I have lived in Wyoming and the extreme of Arizona. Everyone asked “how did you end up in Las Vegas, NM?” Well simple, I have known this part of the country from business travels over the years and always liked it. Bottom line it is warmer than Wyoming and cooler than Arizona. Now what’s not to like about that. Summers here are generally in the high 70’s to the mid 80’s and every once and a while it might actually reach 90; Best of all no humidity. Monsoon rains do come in the summer but rarely prevent a person from working a horse or other activities for long. Nights cool down to the 50’s and low 60’s and mornings are usually crisp but very comfortable. There is never a time of day it is too hot to work a horse here. Winter here for me at least is fairly mild. There will be periods of cold and snow but overall lots of days will be in the 40’s or 50’s and even into the 60’s at times. At 7,000 feet 45 and sunshine are great and the sun does shine here lots. You can and will have days that it just doesn’t warm up but not that many overall. Snow comes and goes but rarely stays on the ground for long periods. I don’t have a 4-wheel drive truck and do just fine if that tells you anything.

RV hookups: I currently have 2 installed including 30 amp power, water & sewer on a raised and level surface. There is also a 30 amp power outlet for my personal trailer at the barn as well as a sewer dump area at the edge of the circle driveway for easy cleanup when arriving home from a show. Additional RV hookups could be added very easily so clients may come and stay to work their horses. Several hotels are no more than 15 minutes away.

The Facilities: Considering that anything can be changed, the Cutting pen is 140’ +/- in diameter; the small round pen is 60 feet +/- and the flag area is 100’ x 30’ +/- all with good washed sand as footing. 422 tons of sand was brought in for these 3 areas. The sand is 4-5” deep. The pens are built with sturdy panels and solid cedar walls which will last for many years to come. Cattle pens are setup for easily keeping fresh cattle separated from worked cattle along with a heavy duty self-catch head gate for doctoring when needed. It is set up so one person can handle it all. They can easily be modified to suit anyone’s taste. There are currently 6 fenced pastures each about an acre or so and one pasture for cattle. There is plenty of room to create additional pastures as well. Each pasture has a 12’ x 30’ catch pen built into its entrance for easily separating horses or segregating one horse temporarily if needed. The Barn, although built in multiple sections over the years is functional with a large garage/shop area great for keeping the tractor, 4-wheeler and ranch PU along with tools and supplies. There is enough inside hay storage area to easily keep about 700 bales of hay. I currently have a great hay supplier whose ranch is close by to supply either straight alfalfa or a grass alfalfa mix. There are 3 very large stalls (approx 20 x 24) that frankly I rarely use. I have often thought of dividing the space into 4 or more stalls but to me it just has not been worth the trouble. I keep my horses, show horses as well, turned out. I am currently in the process of changing the corrals at the barn around to create a more functional area and better use of the barn & stalls if needed. Additional covered stalls can easily be added on the property. Underground power and water have already been put in place to accommodate expansion.

Over all, the entire ranch is a well utilized 20 acres. Large enough to create what is needed but not so big that it creates extra work. I am retied and prefer to stay that way. Nestled at the entrance of a canyon it has both the benefit of being protected from most of the wind but plenty of flat ground for pasture and the cutting pens. The ranch is the historic Head Quarters for the one time famous Mathieson Ranch which encompassed several thousand acres in the surrounding area. It is reported that this used to be farmed hay ground in the past. The soil is rich and easy to work with. The ranch is only 15 minutes from town for easy access if you really must go there. There are 2 county stores, one north and one south even closer for essentials. The 2.5 mile dirt road leading from the highway to the ranch was redone in 2008 and 2009 and is good repair. It is a county road and does get plowed in winter when needed. Hwy 518 leading from town to the ranch is a state highway and is always well maintained. Access to I-25 is easy leading you to wherever you would want to go.


Should you have any questions feel free to call me at any time. I can be reached at the ranch at 505-454-9810 or by e-mail at .